Ed Thompson / Nicole Reinhart Memorial Scholarships

Ed Thompson Memorial Scholarship – One $2000 scholarship awarded to an eligible Emmaus High School male senior

Nicole Reinhart Memorial Scholarship – One $2000 scholarship awarded to an eligible Emmaus High School female senior

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Ed Thompson graduated in 1973 and initially went into the Marine Corps after High School. When he was discharged from the service, he joined the local road running club, the Emmaus Road Runners. The ERR later merged with the Lehigh Valley Athletic Association to become the Lehigh Valley Road Runners, or LVRR. Unfortunately, Ed developed a very aggressive form of brain cancer and died May, 23rd, 1983 at the age of 27. The Emmaus Road Runners initially started the scholarship in the mid-1980’s as a tribute to Ed.

Nicole Reinhart, a 1994 EHS graduate, was killed in a cycling race in September, 2000. In High School, Nicole was a High School standout Cross Country and Track runner as well as a National Marine Corps Youth Physical Fitness Champion. That next Spring (2001), the LVRR Board added the name Nicole Reinhart Memorial.

We have been giving both scholarships with the proceeds of the yearly April Emmaus 4 Miler being the primary fundraising source.

Past Recipients

Ed Thompson Memorial Scholarship Nicole Reinhart Memorial Scholarship
2016 Ryan Paradise ($2000) none given
2015 Brandon Acevedo-Pena ($2000) Jaclyn Reinbold ($2000)
2014 Jordan Frank ($2000) Hanna Brosky ($2000)
2013 No applicants Lindsey Brey ($2000)
2012 Jason Graybill ($2000) Lydia Brough and Kelli Steinert ($2000 each)
2011 Patrick McTish ($2000) Amanda Thoet ($2000)
2010 Paolo Aranoff ($2000) Amanda & Brianna Faust ($2000 each)
2009 Chris Macomb ($2000) Lindsey Graybill ($2000)
2008 Brendan Messler ($1000) Lauren Apgar ($1000)
2007 Matthew Simkins ($1000) Elizabeth Luff ($1000)
2006 Steven Coakley ($1000) Suzanne Miller ($1000)
2005 Samuel Luff ($1000) Kathryn Higgins ($1000)
2004 Nicholas Parton ($1000) Allyson Parker ($1000)
2003 John “Jack” Higgins ($1000) Heather Hoffmann ($1000)
2002 Joel Thompson ($1000) none given
2001 Matthew Miller ($800) Alyssa Simon ($800)
2000 Steve Moyer & Jaime Marks ($500 each)
1999 Jen Weber & Sarah Stauffer ($500 each)
1998 None given.
1997 Rachel Love ($500)
1996 None given.
1995 Adam Portz ($500)
1994 Rachel Melliar-Smith ($500)
1993 None given.
1992 Jennifer Schaninger ($500)

2016 Ed Thompson Memorial Scholarship Recipient Ryan Paradise
Ryan Paradise