Club Business: Minutes From October Board Meeting

For those of you who would like to keep up with the business of Lehigh Valley Road Runners, here are the minutes from the October 2016 Board Meeting. A copy can be found here. November minutes will be available in January.
Lehigh Valley Road Runners Board Meeting
October 19, 2016

Attendance: Neal Novak, Leslie Billowitch, Brian Schaffer, Jill Forsythe, Lloyd Trego, Bob Bodkin, Brian Patterson, Lisa Bellito, Laurie Reinhart, Meredith Longo, Loretta Dodson, Tim Lambert.

September Minutes were presented and accepted.
September Treasurer’s Report was presented and accepted.


1. Women’s shower still has an issue. A plumber will be called.


1. Grants that have been recently approved are as follows:
• $1500 to Donegan Darters for running shoes and gear.
• $1000 to Bethlehem Area School District for transportation of elementary students to 53rd annual track meet.
2. In regards to upgrading our timing system to chip timing: Leslie reported back that after speaking with Rochelle Romeo Kane, her chip timing company has reported no issues with using the Jaguar Timing System. Jaguar themselves have reported little issues and that they consistently update their system. The current issues with our timing system are human error and Bluetooth failure/communication errors. The ultimate question is whether or not the Board is interested in upgrading our timing system.
3. As of the October 19th Board meeting we have not heard back from Mike Connelly with our questions about the adaptive running chair.
4. The Superbowl 10K committee is working with Weyerbacher Brewery to offer some adult beverage after the race.
5. As club Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Bellito presented paperwork on volunteer recruitment that she would like included in the Race Director Manual.
6. The Half & Half 26.2 was a success in its inaugural year. The 2017 event is looking good so far as runners are expressing a definite interest.
7. Opening and closing of the clubhouse has proved problematic over the past year with the same few Board members assuming those duties. In order to more fairly spread the duty to all Board members, Leslie suggested creating an online Google calendar where everyone can check who is responsible for opening and closing duties on a particular date/weekend. Members can easily fill in their names in open slots. Jill will create the calendar in the club’s Google account for members to sign up.
8. A November Happy Hour will take place on November 18th and include our annual Wine Identification Contest. Jill set up an RSVP event on the website as it is open to 12 individuals. The Happy Hour is open to all. Event will be promoted on Facebook, too.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will take place November 16, 2016.